10 tips to pack your trolley!


10 tips to pack your trolley!

By the time you read this article, I will be up in the air, heading in a southwards direction, crossing the borders of Belgium, France and Spain until we finally reach our destination: Marrakesh! Together with my fiancé (love saying this word out loud!!), we will be wandering through this magical city – just the two of us! I guess it is the perfect pre-honeymoon destination, alone for the fact that the Riads are a true romantic experience. But also the colourful alleys, the rich culture, the delicious spices and the good weather make us longing for this trip! When I was packing for this adventure, I was thinking about how I could do this in the best possible way. So I came up with some selfmade rules that I clearly want to share with you. Please let me know if you have any additional advise or if you don’t agree at all with my 10 tips to pack your trolley:


1. Less is more: pack half the clothes you were planning to bring. I’ve never been on a trip where I have worn all the clothes that were in my travel bag. However, I did experience that I could not bring all the souvenirs I wanted because my trolley was already full when I departed from home…

2. Mix and match: make sure that the shoes and jackets you bring to your destination go with more than just one outfit, like the white Keds sneakers, the metallic shoulder bag, the jewels or the sunglasses.

3. Check the weather forecast: Do not only check the weather and temperatures during daytime, but also at night. This way you know whether you have to bring an extra jumper or leather jacket. For example, today the weather forecast in Marrakesh is 24 degrees during daytime and 10 degrees at night.


4. Do your research on the culture and habits of your destination: you can wear whatever you want in Marrakesh. However if you don’t want to be stared, don’t wear too short shorts, a halter top with decollate, in short, don’t be too naked. The people around you will be dressed conservatively in long dresses or skirts and covered shoulders, and you might feel comfortable doing the same.

5. Check the allowed hand luggage: you absolutely must prevent that your trolley will be considered as check-in luggage due to the fact that it is too big or too heavy. So make sure you know what is permitted.

6. Bring a backpack: these bags are very practical and very good for your back. Another plus is that if you bring one in a neutral color, you can also hand this bag over to your boyfriend;). Obviously, this bag is carried on your bag and might be tempting to pickpockets so make sure the zipper is secured.


7. Leave your clothing that easily gets creased: As you have to carry your belongings in a trolley, it is a good idea to bring apparel that can withstand the travel, unless you want to spend 2 hours ironing on your holiday…

8. Be guided: some will advice to take a guide, but I always love going out there with the two of us, and a Capitool. If we have wifi we always check tripadvisor for reviews of restaurants and hotels. I remember that when we went to Jordan, we did not have any guide nor any Tom Tom. And if you are travelling in a country where you don’t understand any of the traffic signs because you can’t speak the language, it might cause a little stress on the way. So make sure your are guided by a book or a person.

9. Travel purse: Put your travel documents, passport and phone in a separate compartment or small purse so you can easily grab these items during travelling.

10. Save yourself extra space by putting on as many clothes as possible and wear your biggest shoes (like boots or something).



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