His side of the story


His side of the story

Bag-at-You---Fashion-blog---What-is-a-man-looking-for-in-a-bag---Campomaggi-bagsBag-at-You---Fashion-blog---The-man-bag---Campomaggi-bagsTwo strangers, a man and a woman. Waiting, dreaming, wondering around on a deserted platform. No strings that seem to attach, aren’t there?


Maybe, if you look closer you will see some comparisons; they both wear black, both wrapped in leather and both carry some fine pieces of Italian craftsmanship. Yes, that must be it; these two share a love for leather bags! I already told you in the Campomagi bags article how I feel about these bags. So I thought it was about time to let him tell you his side of the story. I would like you to meet Steven, one of my favourite male fashion bloggers with a great style that can be best described as funky casual. He loves sharing his fantasies and thoughts about men fashion on his populair blog indepaskamer.nl because he believes that Dutch men in general can use some help when it comes to fashion. Last week I met Steve and asked him to share his ideas about the man bag as well as how this accessory can upgrade a man’s appearance and style.


Steven explained that there has always been some kind of taboo that the bag is the typical feminine accessory, which is a pity as it can be a real complement to a man’s outfit. Steven has carefully selected his bag collection which currently consists of 10 to 15 bags (quite impressive!!). These bags are all though, rough, high quality, without any frills and far away from the feminine bag. His bags have to be practical as well as an addition to his outfit. The blogger of IN DE PASKAMER actually finds this Campomaggi bag a great mix of all the features that a man should be looking for if he is in search for a new bag. The form and size are both practical to carry his essentials and the look and feel is very fashionable. It is a subtile eye-catcher and made of fine quality leather that will last for a long time and gains character while using it. Moreover, it has a timeless appeal, is natural coloured and it is not dependent on a trend. Steven says that men are thinking clear and simple: a bag is a useful object & it should be easy to wear and combine with many looks.


I think that we girls are quite similar in the sense that we also love good quality accessories and a bit of functionality wouldn’t harm us neither. However, we do like the frills, like these braining on this bowlingbag by Campomaggi. And once in a while we like to purchase statement bag, follow a trend or fall in love with that clutch that perfectly matches the outfit but lacks all features of practicality. Maybe that’s the reason why we have to vary in our bags, we just want it all!


Pictures by Mgr Madhatter

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