Say yes to the dress!


Say yes to the dress!


When my boyfriend asked me to marry him, I was over the moon! Clearly for the obvious reason that I would be marrying the man of my dreams and we could throw a big party for all our friends and family. But also because I could start hunting for the most beautiful gown ever. So it didn’t take long before my personal orientation process for the perfect wedding dress started. My mother and my grandma both got married in a princess dress and I thought that I would continue this family tradition. I prepared a mood board consisting of images that I had found on Pinterest, Instagram and several bridal magazines and I  assembled a dream team to find the dress consisting of my grandmother, my mother, my twin-sister and my youngest brother (never underestimate a man’s opinion).


All set and ready for the fittings we visited several bridal shops in Marbella, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp. All without success… It soon became clear that I didn’t belong to the group of women who enter a store and pop the champagne at dress number 2. But there was no despair as we attempted to design the wedding dress ourselves. We therefore visited Hellenius Couture and Victor’s Wedding Design but none of these appointments resulted in a match neither.


Then we flipped through Bruids Magazine and read about two young sisters who just opened a new bridal boutique in Zwolle, La Bella Blanca. We immediately made an appointment and when we entered the lovely boutique, we were warmly welcomed by Simone, one of the sisters. It was a cozy shop with big wooden stairs that lead to a lovely of warmly decorated living room full of bridal dresses and accessories like shoes, veils, jewelry, bags and hair items. It felt like we entered wedding-dresses-heaven. We took a seat on the big couch and after a delicious cup of coffee and some cookies we looked at the great collection of bridal gowns which was appealing, stylish, unique and included different styles including sexy, classic, edgy and romantic gowns. I immediately felt at home and got the feeling that I’d might find my perfect wedding dress here. Again I tried on many princess dresses by Divina Sposa, Cala and Rosa Clara which were all very beautiful. But then my mother picked something totally different, which was coincidently one of Simone’s favorites. It was a exclusive mermaid dress by Eternity with many beads, lace and small glistering stones. This was the perfect gown that fitted my personality as well as my body type. It was something totally different from what I in mind… But apparently that happens to more brides-to-be. As Simone can fully identify herself with her clients, she gave me all the time to think about the dress without any pressure. After two other visits I finally made the right decision: I said yes to the dress! Together with Simone we completed the bridal gown with the perfect fur stola and a 4m long bridal veil finished with lace. I can’t wait to show you the pictures of me wearing this gown on our W-day itself, which will be soon online!


I really loved coming at La Bella Blanca and I want to recommend any engaged woman to make an appointment at this bridal boutique with either Simone or Esther. They offer just a little extra and will help you find yourself the wedding dress of your dreams. You’ll get the best personal advice in the most beautiful boutique I’ve seen with a wide selection of unique and exceptional bridal dresses. I know for sure that any bride-to-be can find her perfect wedding gown and pop the champagne in Zwolle after she has said yes to her dress.

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