This is not a regular post on this fashion blog, but one that I really wanted to share with you. Although I absolutely don’t think of myself that I a world saviour, I do believe that there are too many people in distress and emergency situations who need our help. So as I explained in this post – Cleaning out my closet – I am not a huge fan of tidying my wardrobe. But… last week I received an email from Zanox, a performance marketing partner that enables bloggers to make money by using affiliate programs. They set up the BAG IT UP! initiative which entails that they ask people to compile a bag containing needed items for refugees from the severe war zones. For each of these bags delivered at Zanox (Entrepotdok 86 1018 AD Amsterdam), this company will donate an extra 10 euros. You can fill it up with anything you think that might be helpful, like deodorant, pillows, shoes, gloves, shampoo, scarfs, coats, bags, etc, and you can participate in this BAG IT UP! initiative until 30 September 2015. So I will bring my bag today and I would love asking you to do the same. Check your closet and maybe you will also find some items that you can actually miss, but those people on the run can definitely use. I promise: cleaning out your closet has never felt so beneficial!


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P.s. 2 Featured image has been found on The Daily Beast.

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