Taking my Mi-Pac Backpack to the Red Light District


Taking my Mi-Pac Backpack to the Red Light District


You might find this a strange combination: cows, coffee shops and the Red Light District. Three separate things that I do not admire on their own. But they are typical and characteristic for the city I love. The city I have been living for 5 years now. The city wherein I got happily married this weekend. And even though we are still recuperating from our wonderful and perfect marriage (you can expect the full report about that soon) and we are packing for our honeymoon (follow me on Snapchat @BagatYou), we are in full preparations of a new adventure as well. We are getting ready for a new undertaking as husband and wife which includes leaving this beautiful city that we adore and a move to a big country far away. I will soon reveal more about the details, but for now I just wanted to let you all know how much I will miss this city and the people in it! This Mi-Pac Backpack Cow is tough and durable and I also find it very fashionable as well as functional. With this bag (and my husband along my side) I will at least be ready for any adventure to any place at any time!

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Get the look: Mi-Pac Backpack Cow, Ana Alcazar skirt, Black top, White Vintage Scarf and Unisa shoes


Pictures by Cotton and Cream

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