Cleaning out your closet!


Cleaning out your closet!


This is what happens when I have been cleaning out my closet. I must say that I am not a huge fan of doing that, but I figured that I could not postpone this task any longer as there are so many people in the world that can actually use the clothes that are crammed in the back of my closet. So just before I went on my short trip to Spain, I decided to do this tidying and give away the items I do not use anymore. Except for this bag, that I had bought five years ago in Nicaragua and never have used before… I know, really embarrassing but I guess we all know how these things go. I mean, it also happens to my boyfriend who does not suffer from a shopping addiction;).


So this clutch is created by hand by a Nicaraguan artisan. I remember that when I bought this clutch, my friends called me a fool as this bag was quite expensive for a paper bag. But I decided that I had to bring this souvenir back home, convinced of the fact that would be using this accessory many times. Unfortunately my friends were right as it has been – until now – totally forgotten by her owner… Do you also have pieces of clothing you thought you were going to wear many times but ended up in the back of your closet?


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