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Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Unbegun Bags - Tassen 6 - Givaway BagBagAtYou - Fashion Blog - Unbegun Bags - Tassen 6 (1) Yay!!! Have you already seen it and are you excited? We finally have a very good weather forecast here in the Netherlands! And although it is somewhat surreal, I bet you are totally thrilled about these sunny days ahead. This weekend will be the perfect weather for a walk in the park, a little boat ride through the canals or even a trip to the beach to drink a couple of glasses of rose or have a few corona’s. We can finally do the things we love to do most, outside. But if you pack the things you will need for your little trip, to the park, on a boat or to the beach, you will need a bag that can withstand it all; a bag that is strong, washable and summerish. And I therefore wish to tell you all about my latest discovery.

A while ago I was introduced with an original and new bag label based in Amsterdam. The bags looked different from others, not in terms of model, more specifically the fabric. The material looked though, strong and as it wanted to tell me a story. I was immediately hooked by this brand that is named UNBEGUN. UNBEGUN collects old market tarps to design unique handmade products. Once the nails and tape have been removed, the designer looks at the tarp so it will be cut in the right way. Because of the fact that each bag is made by hand and cut from a different tarp, you will be sure that your bag is one of a kind. Another fun fact is that each of the bags in their collection is named after a market in Amsterdam. The bag that I carry in the pictures is the Dappermarkt Tote bag. This is a typical shopper bag: a rectangle with two long handles on the top, no zipper and no inside pockets. The Waterlooplein messenger bag is a more enhanced version with two sections in the main compartment. It even has a waterproof zipper and it offers sufficient capacity for your laptop. Because the bags of UNBEGUN are very strong, unique and washable, these accessories are perfect to carry to your outside activities.

UNBEGUN Bag Giveaway

Thank you all so much for participating in this giveaway! On 17 June we picked a winner of the fabulous UNBUGUN Dappermarkt tote bag. The lucky one is Maren Harms and she can choose her own unique bag in the color combination of her preference. For all the other UNBEGUN-lovers, these bags are sold online, at the Local Goods Market and the Spiegel Boutique in Amsterdam.

Get the look: Fab. loafers (get similar ones here), Pepe Jeans Jeans, ZARA Long gilet, ZARA top and & Other Stories sunglasses.

 BagAtYou - Fashion Blog - Unbegun Bags - Tassen 6 - JeansBagAtYou - Fashion Blog - Unbegun Bags - Tassen 6 - Summer BagAtYou - Fashion Blog - Unbegun Bags - Tassen 6 - Streetstyle

 – Pictures by Tristy Do –

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