Where to travel to extend your summer?!


Where to travel to extend your summer?!


Even though we all try to enjoy the Indian Summer as much as possible, we know that Fall is coming inevitably! Some of you might be very excited about this; others will want to extend their summer as long as possible. Like myself. And one way to do that is to travel in fall. All we have to do is plan a new vacation to the right place to catch the last rays of sunshine before the cold winter arrives.


Toss Designs

I especially want to travel in fall since I just got myself this fabulous outfit at Toss Designs. As from the first time I walked into this adorable store on Chestnut Street in San Francisco, I fell in love with every aspect: the atmosphere, the people and – especially – the products. This store is filled with bags, trolleys,  flamingo’s, funny gifts, beautiful accessories, coffee table books and exclusive and adorable clothing items. Since 2004, the ladies at Toss have been a San Francisco Bay Area Design label creating all types of handbags with a flair for fashion and an eye for detail. The bags have functional shapes, unique prints and bright color combinations. Some of the accessories can even be monogrammed so you can have your own personalized tote. So yes, since the first time I walked in, it has been a love affair with Toss Designs. I adore this label and I with this outfit I am ready to go to any destination where the sun is still shining and the flowers are blossoming. So read on if you want to know more about where to travel in fall for that final blast of sunshine!


Where to travel in Fall?

Hawaii is a dream destination for many of us. The fall weather is wonderfully warm and sunny and there are less crowds which means more upgrades and deals. This tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is only 6 hours away from San Francisco (very tempting..!!). For some this island means ultimate relaxation as you can stay at one of the world’s most luxurious resorts and spas with private beaches. But you can also go more adventurous by doing a lot of extreme outdoor sports such as surfing, kiteboarding, diving and deep sea fishing. Go back to nature by staying at a campsite retreat, hiking and exploring one of the islands on a scooter. And don’t forget to enjoy the local food or some international fusion cuisine (China, Vietnam, Korea, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, and Thailand).


Grab your bag and go to Marrakesh, the most magical city in Morocco. Last year we visited this amazing place for a few days and I wish we could visit again this year (more about this trip here)! The temperatures are very high in summer, so in fall it is actually more pleasant to enjoy the city treasures as well as your leisure time at the pool. It is less touristy so you will be able to book your favourite riad (my recommendation is Riad Tawargit) and go to the best restaurants of the city without needing to make reservations weeks in advance (e.g. Azar Restaurant or Le Comptoir Darna). The people are super friendly, the culture is colourful and the food is delicious! 


Another great option in autumn is to go to Sardinia, Italy. You can discover one of the most beautiful islands of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. The temperature is 27°C on average and the local festival season is on (Autumno in Barbagia). It is known for its turquoise water, white sands and it’s own delicious cuisine. It is also the perfect island to go exploring the mountains to climb, kayaking in the hidden bays to kayak to and hiking.


– Pictures by Caroline Curran 


– Hope you enjoyed reading this article! Xx Susanne – 

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