Adventures Travel!


Adventures Travel!

I love airports! This place is the get-together of so many people, so many destinations and so many opportunities. From here, people will start their new adventure: whether it is for business, holiday, visiting friends or family members, study or some other purpose. Each of these travelers is exited for his/her experience to come!

Like Oprah said: The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”

When I am at the airport, I observe these people and obviously look at their luggage. The suitcase makes it possible to organize the carriage of your belongings you believe will be needed to make your adventure a success!

The suitcase is an object of modernity, reflecting the mobility and speed of all times! In the older days, people traveled by foot and traveled light. At the beginning of the twentieth century, people used gigantic trunks for travel by coach and ship as well as luxurious luggage, hat boxes and extravagant dressing cases. If you think about it, ways of travelling have evolved over the centuries from difficult and dangerous journeys with horses and carriages to today’s mass travel by air across the globe.

I honestly confess that I am incapable to travel light and my suitcase is so big that I would easily fit into that bag (if I would be limber enough).. . I therefore always carry my pink-red-purple eastpak (get similar here), which is in my opinion the best suitcase since it is very large, light weighted (without my clothes;)!), easy to use, good quality, versatile inside and fierce colored so it cannot get lost (you literally see this bag entering the plane, see picture below).

Eastpak entering plane

So if you think of yourself as a light traveler, you are more than welcome to write me  some tip-offs below! For now, just check out these suitcases that may accompany you on your next adventure:

Adventures 2

1. Active Carry-On Suitcase
2. Saxoline Union Jack 4w 67cm multi
3. Samsonite Firelite Spinner 69 racing green
4. Dakine Womens Split Roller Small
5. Bric’s Bellagio Trolley L cream
6. Osprey Sojourn 80


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