Walking down the street..!

Walking down the street..!





Get the look: Ray-Ban aviator,  ZARA Earrings, DKNY watchVersteegh Scarf, Pieces ShirtSuperdry pants, ZARA Blazer, Tiffi Shoes (available at Daniele Dentici) and the BAG remains a secret;)!

This is it: the results of my first photo shoot as a freshman blogger!

Being a freshman is the hardest job in the world! I tried to convince myself that it wouldn’t be that hard to do a photo shoot..! I mean, I had practiced a lot over the years in all kinds of situations and some of them were actually Facebook-worthy (at least, in my opinion;)!). But as soon as I was standing on the street, I did not know how to look, walk, stand, smile, etc.  I was very nervous, a bit scared even and I wished that I had practiced some poses in the mirror.

What I did do however, was that I had carefully considered my outfit and had decided that the following colors were needed to support me on this mission:

* Green – Blue – Pink *

This shoot was the very beginning of my career in fashion world so I needed to show confidence, pureness and devotion in my own confi way: adding a gentle loving energy! Keep on reading and you will discover why I chose this particular outfit and accessories:


We always choose the green light (not only in traffic): it means you can go forward, to the next stop. It shows you the right direction. Green is pervaded with growth and fertility. It is the color of confirmations and positive news. Green makes you persistent. This color stands for hope and peace. My association with green is freshness and naturalness, the color that presents the very beginnings of new great possibilities and happenings!


The blues are bright! You immediately think of the sea and the sky: representing pureness, coolness, endlessness. Blue stands for heaven and authority. Blue is the color of jeans (pure leisure) and is contradictory also often used in the corporate world. Blue represents intelligence, strength, loyalty, honestly and devotion. Blue exhibits an inner security, protection and confidence. The sky is the limit!


Pink is always a good color to add to your look. Pink represents romanticism and can be associated with sunsets and feminism. We can be creative with pink, varying from berry pink, candy pink, salmon pink, fierce peachy or antique pink. The deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it entails. Pink is a mixture of red, representing passion and power, and white, standing for openness and completeness.

You probably now understand why I elected this look! What do you think of this shoot? Just keep on following me and I promise: I’ll get better;)!

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