Vintage bags

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Vintage bags

Vintage items are very popular nowadays. It sounds exclusive, chic and unique. It is an item that is hard to get, made of good quality and already has a long history (like my grandmother’s bag, see previous post). The best example of a famous vintage piece of clothing is the black and white Valentino dress that Julia Roberts wore when she won the Academy Award in 2001 for her play in Erin Brockovich (see the featured picture). This fabulous dress was a vintage 1992 couture design from the Valentino archives. Since this fantastic appearance, celebrities and fashionista’s are trying to obtain their own special piece of vintage, or at least something that was touched by the elder days. We are very lucky that high street & high end designers are still inspired by vintage designs. We therefore see that the popular models keep on making a come back. Apparel but also accessories including purses. The greatest types of vintage purses are the clutch, the bucket bag and the satchel. Please read on if you want to know more about the characteristics of these models as well as the renewed, affordable versions that you can buy online:

The Clutch Bag

The clutch originates from 1915 and was a small rectangular bag. This model was the most popular one until the second World-War. At that moment the clutch was replaced by the shoulder bag for practical reasons. However, this model made a glorious come back in 1947 with Dior and hasn’t left the fashion stage since then.

Bag at You - Skinnydip Black Embellished Box Clutch

Skinnydip Black Embellished Box Clutch

Bag at You - Dune Clutch

Dune Bellismo Blue Iridescent Faux Snakeskin Clutch

Stradivarius Clutch Bag

Stradivarius Jacquard Clutch

Bag at You - Asos Flap over clutch

ASOS Suede Foldover with Leather Pocket Clutch Bag

The Bucket Bag

In 1932 Louis Vuitton designs the Noé, the first bucket-design. It had a rectangular base, a drawstring and a shoulder strap. This bag was perfect for carrying bottles of champagne. In the 1950’s these kind of bags were created with a rounder base and have become a wanted summer accessory.

Bag at You - Delphine Delafon Bucket Jeans look

Delphine Delafon Bucket Jeans look 

Bag at You - Mint Festival Bag

Uno Pio Uno Mint festival bag 

Bag at You - Zara Mini Bucket BagZara Mini Bucket Bag

Bag at You - Paul's Boutique Hattie Bucket Bag

Paul’s Boutique Hattie Bucket Bag Snake White

The Satchel

The satchel has been the perfect schoolbag as from the beginning of the 20th century. This model origins from periods of war. In 1947 Elsa Schiaparelli designed the first satchel-shoulder bag for woman, the bag that would free our hands. Although this bag didn’t fit the elegant look of the 1950’s, the satchel has become totally fashionable again. The British Cambridge Satchel Company and the Dutch OldSchoolBags contributed largely to the renewed popularity as well as luxury fashion labels, e.g. 3.1 Phillip Lim and Michael Kors. What do you think of the new versions in the below?

Bag at You - 3.1 Phillip Lim Satchel

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Leather Satchel Snake Print

Bag at You - The Marble Arch Satchel Bag by LYDC in Blue Snakeprint

The Marble Arch Satchel Bag by LYDC in Blue Snakeprint

Bag at You - Michael Kors Satchel - De Bijenkorf

Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel White

UniBackPackFront 0016The Cambridge Satchel Company – Backpack

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