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This Sunday I visited Camden Town (London), the place for young and ambitious designers. As I walked around and got overwhelmed by all the people, food and products, I passed by an amazing shop where a man and a woman were creating beautiful leather satchels by hand.

Three years ago, the sister of José, founder and owner of Arquitube, studied architecture and could not find herself a fashionable tube to carry her drawings. José, a lawyer at that time, made her a fabulous arquitube, which became very popular at her university.

He also designed a satchel for her schoolbooks. The design is unique, as such that the bag consists of two pieces of leather so that the bag does not loose its shape by the weight of the books as well as that the sewing is only done at the vertical sides of the bag (instead of in a square).

As these products became very wanted, he and his girlfriend Kathryn, who was a school teacher from Northern Ireland, started this company in 2012 by selling their products online.

Since May 2014 they have a shop in Camden, where they create these arquitubes as well as satchels and accessories by hand. They have a good eye for color combinations but they also create the colorful satchels upon the request of their customers.

So you can choose your colors as well as your size and model (shoulder bag or backpack). The couple has become so skilled in producing these products, that one can walk into the shop, choose the colors of the leather, indicate the size and model of the bag and walk out of the shop ten minutes later.

They use high quality ecological leather for their products from France. The buckle on the satchels is the old fashioned one and they refuse to do it any other way now that the safety and the quality of the bag would suffer if they would use for example a magnet. So spoil yourself with a product in the size and color of your choice so you can fashionably and safely walk the streets of the big cities such as Amsterdam and London.

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