Discover the green you!


Discover the green you!

There is an activity that recently has been added to my bucket list: camping. And then I don’t mean staying in a bungalow or a camper; no, I want to experience the real thing by setting up my tent on an incredibly beautiful and remote location, where there is no reception, no wifi and no electricity. The reason why I am so excited about camping all of the sudden, is because of my brother and his girlfriend just came back from a three-weeks-camping-trip through California. They told me their stories and showed me the pictures of their holiday. And trust me, their tent has been set up on the most exceptional stunning places with views that no hotel can ever beat.

Camping fits very well in the term Green Travel, a responsible way of travelling that focusses on economic, socio-cultural and environmental sustainability. Sounds like these kinds of holidays are loved by nature activists, tree huggers and hitchhikers. But I think that it might be the ultimate way to escape from your 24/7 work week and to intensely experience the world and its wonders. And if this is not enough reason I set out five additional arguments why Green Travel is on top of my bucket list.

  1. Unplugged. When was the last time you were completely unplugged and had no idea what was going on in the world, your mailbox or social media? A few weeks ago I was unplugged for two days and I have to admit that I panicked a little after I noted that there was no wifi and no reception. But then I realised that I finally had a full focus on what was happening around me. You can have some real and deep conversations and you discover things you would never have seen if you had looked with only one eye (because the other one was staring at your phone). Another advantage is that work can’t reach you, so you’ll find the ultimate feeling of freedom.
  2. Discover the adventurous you. You will bridge boundaries and broaden your perspectives. You’ll find out that you actually don’t need that much luxury and comfort to have a wonderful time. You have to be a lot more adventurous and creative when you go camping, as only because you have to build your own fire.
  3. Back to nature. Have a bath in the creek and grill your meat on that fire you made. Feel the green grass that is caressing you feet when you get up, smell the fresh air and sleep under the stars. These are only a few things you can only experience when you go camping.
  4. Expect the unexpected. You can go to places no one has ever been and go off the beaten paths. With a tent you are able to go around the world and sleep on the most extraordinary, beautiful and remote places in the world. You will increase your understanding of the world around you.
  5. Nature will not be damaged due to your stay. As you will live in a sustainable way and responsibility for nature and animals, you will preserve the planet and all its wonders.

If you still doubt whether you are ready to go on an adventure and discover the nature without any boundaries, make sure you check out the Instagram account of travel and nature lover, @chrisburkard

Hope you enjoyed this article! Xx Susanne

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