Come Sail Away!


Come Sail Away!


Come sail away..! A quote that sounds very romantic and evokes a feeling of ultimate freedom. Because the wind can take you anywhere, to foreign and unknown places far far away. I didn’t sail much in my life so far but since we arrived in San Francisco I was very lucky to have sailed on the Bay 3 times already (check out the vlog for more about these perfect sailing trips here). It is such a great experience to see how the grand sails are taking you to your destination while the wind is coming in strong. Everyone on the boat is relaxed and smiling while they are looking at the coast, the City or the Golden Gate Bridge. It all makes you feel very free and blessed.

In only one day we can never make it further than one of the small islands in the Bay like Angels Island. However, as I was scouting for seals and wales that are swimming in the Bay this time of year, I started thinking about where I would want to go if those sails could take me anywhere in the world?! The possibilities are endless and the feeling is extraordinary now that you know you can go anywhere where the wind blows… Where would you go? Do you dream of a big city with sky scrapers and people welcoming you from the pier? Or would your preferred destination be something like a desert isle with white beaches and just a few palms? Would you escape to an island in the Caribbean or Croatia? Or sail the coastline of Norway or Amalfi? I decided that I would choose a location where it is summertime and a place where they poor good cocktails! Maybe Hawaii, St. Barth or Bali?! Or… San Francisco, in which case I can just stay here a little longer and escape by dreaming of beautiful islands while I wear this summer bag, big floppy hat and little black swing dress. 

Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Abercrombie-bag---Summer-look Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Abercrombie-bag-and-hat Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Abercrombie-floppy-hat---Summer Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---San-Francisco-blogger

Get the look: Abercrombie Diamond Textured Tote bagCome Sail Away floppy hat, Unisa sneakers*, little black dress (similar dress here), orange cardigan by Zara, Cluse watch, Bandana style scarve


Pictures by Bradley Wittke Photography // @Wittkephoto – Thank you very much for these amazing pictures & I sincerely hope we will shoot a lot more together in the future!


– Hope you enjoyed this post! Big Xx –

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