The ultimate summer gift guide!


The ultimate summer gift guide!

This is your ultimate summer gift guide that will help you to surprise someone with an original, fun & sustainable present for her/his birthday, anniversary or other celebration! As my husband is celebrating his birthday on Friday, I have been looking for the perfect gift. And I know from personal experiences that finding the superb present for someone you love, is not easy. I always want to surprise that person with a special product that matches his/her interests and lifestyle. Preferably something that is exclusive and has a story behind it. Now that I moved to California, I just found out about Uncommon Goods (click here) which shop offers a creative and inspiring assortment of gifts. From birthday presents (this page), anniversary gifts (this page) and even groomsmen favours (this page) can be found in their collection. And some of their products can be personalised which makes it even better. Their suppliers are very varied as it could be a upcoming artist or a small manufacturer, as long as they make products in a sustainable manner. This may be sound un-sexy, but the opposite is true! I therefore collected my favourite summer gifts below which are a cool mix of products made for passionate people who love the creative design of these products and care about the stories behind them. I’m very curious what you think of these gifts and which one you would choose to surprise someone who deserves the greatest gift!


Hand Embroidered State Pillows here for $168.00 // Mariner Cheese Board  here for $32.00 // Love Letter Necklace – here for $175.00 // Women’s travel organising packs – here for $48.00 // Better Stuff Doormat here for $ 50.00 // Flavor Infuser Water Bottle – here for $ 15.00 // Crimson Heart Umbrella here for $ 38.00 // Diana Instant Camera – here for $ 139.00 // Gin and Tonic Diagram Glassware – Set of 2 here for $ 25.00 // Women’s Watermelon Knee Socks here for $ 10.00 // Hand Embroidered Country Pillows here for $168.00 // Cork Backpack – here for $70.00

– Hope you enjoyed this post! Big Xx –

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