What I will be celebrating this weekend…!

Bag at you - Style blog - Birthday

What I will be celebrating this weekend…!

There is a big celebration going on this weekend as I’m turning 30 on the 30th of July! Should I be excited? Should I be scared? Should I be happy? Or thankful? Probably a little bit of all. Excited because as I’m climbing up to 30, life only gets better so it probably will continue now that I will be joining the “third floor”. Scared of realising that my fear of turning old is becoming reality and it won’t take long before the wrinkles will start to show. Happy because I made it this far and have so many beautiful memories to look back on and smile! Thankful for all my husband, my friends and family who supported me to be a little more who I want to be instead of the person that people expect me to be. So instead of whining like a old person about how life is passing by too fast, I decided to celebrate in style. Not like a 30-year old, but like myself by wearing everything I love: glitters, pink and pom poms! While I wear this cute birthday dress and holding the best accessories in my hands – this pom pom mini bag and balloons – I want to say Happy Birthday to my amazing twin-sister and myself. 30 years ago we were born together and we are still along each other sides – maybe not literally, but we always support, love and miss each other!! Every year again, she is my biggest birthday present! So cheers to us and many happy years ahead without us having to grow old together any time soon;)!!

Bag at you - Fashion blog - Pom Pom Bag

30 things I love to…

So to celebrate this Dirty Thirty big here on the blog, this month will be with the theme of 30 things I love to… This could be anything from why I love to be a twin, what I love to eat, what I love about being an expat and what I love about blogging. So stay tuned and enjoy this 30th birthday together with me on this blog..!

Bag at you - Fashion blog - Celebration pink dress

Get the look: Pom pom mini bag via Colores Collective (or get similar one here), Tulle Pom Dress, Heeled Sandals, Hair & Make-up via Vanity Salon

Bag at you - Fashion blog - Birthday girl dress

– Photos by Banavenue

Bag at you - Fashion blog - Birthday dress Bag at you - Style blog - Blonde Hair Bag at you - Style blog - Statement earrings Bag at you - Style blog - Birthday dressBag at you - Fashion blog - Birthday - pink dress

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