The perfect Mini-Honeymoon in Zermatt!


The perfect Mini-Honeymoon in Zermatt!

The perfect mini-honeymoon! That is how this trip can be described the best! After we got married on Saturday we went to Zermatt Switzerland by car only three days later. Just a few days to celebrate our marriage and to reminisce all that happened on our big W-day. Zermatt is truly the perfect honeymoon destination. It offers traditional Swiss romance and incredible skiing and snowboarding. The constant view on the Matterhorn is magnificent and one can never eat to much cheese fondue and apfelstrudel. The people were super kind and welcoming. Zermatt has a vibrant night life with many bars, discotheques and restaurants which is perfect to celebrate the fact that we are now husband and wife. You also have the option to ski to Italy if you are craving for a pizza or pasta with a glass of Prosecco for lunch. The clear blue sky made it all even more magical and the snow conditions were also surprisingly good. Scroll down if you want a little impression of this perfect trip to the snow! Trust me, after seeing this you immediately want to book yourself a few days to the snowy mountains!

Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Postcard-from-Zermatt---BahnhofstrasseBag-at-you---fashion-blog---Postcard-from-Zermatt---HoneymoonBag-at-you---fashion-blog---Cheesefondue---SwitzerlandBag-at-you---fashion-blog---Ski-in-Zermatt---SwitzerlandBag-at-you---Postcard-from-Zermatt---Bahnhoffstrasse Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Postcard-from-Zermatt---2Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Postcard-from-Zermatt---BreakfastBag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Zermatt-Switzerland---Happy-girl Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Postcard-from-Zermatt---Apres-ski Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Postcard-from-Zermatt---Hotel-Post-Bar Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Postcard-from-Zermatt---Lunch Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Postcard-from-Zermatt---Matterhorn Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Saint-Patrick's-day---FlualpBag-at-you---fashion-blog---Postcard-from-Zermatt---Apfelstrudel Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Ski-from-Zermatt---Matterhorn

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