Vlog: The perfect Sailing Sunday in San Francisco


Vlog: The perfect Sailing Sunday in San Francisco

This was the perfect Sunday Sailing in San Francisco. It has been while since I have been on a sailboat but the conditions were great: a great captain, perfect weather, a very nice crew and a beautiful sailboat! We were invited by Mark, a great guy who originally comes from the Netherlands. We only met him last week in the lift of our apartment building and decided to meet for drinks and dinner on Monday. After a great night, he invited us to join him and his friends on his incredible sailboat on the beautiful Bay of San Francisco. We gathered in the harbour of Sausalito, a wonderful fisherman village across the Golden Gate Bridge. After sailing (9 knots!) over the Bay with seals and at least a thousand other boats, we went to Angel Island to enjoy a delicious bbq and a lot of cocktails. Afterwards we went hiking and when we arrived on top of this Island, we had the most beautiful 360°-view over the Bay. Yes, it was the perfect Sailing Sunday and I would love to show you all about it in this vlog. I also very much want to thank our new friend Mark once again for his hospitality, generosity and his talent to sail this beautiful boat!

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