Vlog: Lake Tahoe ski adventures!


Vlog: Lake Tahoe ski adventures!

We were truly lucky to spend two days in Lake Tahoe, a beautiful place at the border of California and Nevada. In summer you can go on the greatest outdoors activities like biking, hiking and sailing, but also in winter it is a great place to be as it turns into a true Winter Wonderland. There are several areas where you can ski while you are overlooking the sapphire-blue waters of Lake Tahoe. We chose Heavenly, which is at the South side of the Lake and considered as one of the most unique destinations on the planet. We again stayed in the Alder Inn, a cute little hotel in the middle of South Lake Tahoe. From here we could easily walk to the ski lifts, restaurants and bars. Because I already miss this place like crazy and wanted to take you along on our weekend getaway, I created a little video of our Lake Tahoe ski adventures! Enjoy watching!

I really hope you can go here in winter as well one day..!

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