Five reasons to love the winter!


Five reasons to love the winter!

Baby, it is cold outside! And dark, dreary – and some even call it depressing. It is winter and you might find it the worst season of all..! Even though summer is my favourite season, there are many reasons to love winter! And now that it is here, we might just as well try to make the best out of the cold and dark months! So here are a couple of things that will get us through until March.


  1. Winter is the Ski-season! I have to admit that I can’t wait to go skiing again. As from I was little, I have been a little ski-fanatic. Nothing can make me more happier that the sight of fresh snowfall on the high mountains, which is so – so – beautiful, while gliding on the pistes!
  2. The smell of winter..! The fresh cold air when you have a deep breath in the morning. No season smells as good as winter.
  3. Winter woollies! Yessss we can wear all of our favourite woollies again. And I’m not only thinking abut sweaters and capes, but also about the beanies, gloves and UGGs. ‘More is more’ when it comes to winter-style, so just keep on layering.
  4. Stodgy food tastes is shamelessly allowed! In summer we are eating light meals and have to go to the gym at least 4 times a week as we have to shine in that bikini. However, in winter we can cover up in so many layers, that we can have all that stodgy food, without feeling guilty.
  5. Just stay close to the fireplace and hold on to your red wine..! The fireplace is my favourite spot in winter. Sure a space heater is nice, but there is nothing as romantic like the heat and light from a real fire. Don’t forget your bottle of red wine and your book. Ohhh let’s just curl up for the rest of the day!


Pictures by Michiel Goudswaard


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