The perfect winter attire!


The perfect winter attire!

It was so much fun to be back in the Netherlands for Christmas and seeing all of my friends and family. I loved being on my bike again and crossing the canals of Amsterdam to visit my favourite shops and cafes. However, it was also a huge shock in terms of temperatures after I got used to the California weather. And that is why I show you this typical (and highly needed) winter attire for the cold – cold – Amsterdam. I always find it a challenge to dress myself in winter, as I am one of those girls who is always cold. On the other hand, I very much like it as I can wear this cool faux-fur vintage hat (even though it covers my beautifully new-colored hair by Cosmo Hairstyling) as well as warm woollen skirts with cute prints. My scarf is attached to me in the winter months as it always keeps me warm and cozy. Another accessory that is always along my side, is my beautiful shoulder bag by Burkely, a well-established Dutch brand. It is an every day bag that enhances any look without screaming for attention. This carrier has a true elegant and chic look, partly caused by the clean shape and partly by the use of exquisite leather. It is a timeless beauty and has a functional design which makes it perfect for every day and any occasion. What do you think of this look?! And what is your favourite winter attire? 


Photos by Michiel Goudswaard


Get the look: Burkely Bag, Plaid Pencil Skirt, vintage Faux Fur Hat, Heels, Winter scarf and Cluse watchBag-at-you---Fashion-Blog---Winter-Wear-in-Amsterdam

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