Just keep on sparkling and glittering in winter!


Just keep on sparkling and glittering in winter!

When it is cold, dark and dreary outside, it is easy to fall into a winter-depression. And even though I always try to ignore the fact that I’m less active and merry in winter, I can understand that others simply can’t. Last week I published the article with 5 reasons why to love winter. And in addition to that article, I share this look which will let any girl love the winter. This outfit will make her stop suffering. I believe that winter is the ultimately season to sparkle and shine because those glitters will work as your vitamins B when the sun doesn’t show during the winter days. Woolies obviously also form part of the winter glitter outfit. I love the warmth, texture and casual element that the sweater adds to the outfit. With this attire, you’ll feel far from being tired and winter-depression as this pair of glitter shoes mixed with the wool sweater and pink skirt make it fun and festive with a touch of glam.


Wristlet bag trend!

So today’s bag is a special one as it is a wristlet bag. Alexander Wang proved that this is the trend for this winter. I must admit that it is a very convenient way to carry your items. Leaving your hands free is what’s making this micro bag more than just a fashion accessory. Now you can hold your phone, have a Starbucks without worrying where your bag is. This black suede wristlet bag is perfect to combine with any look and has the perfect size to carry my essentials.

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Photos by Michiel Goudswaard


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