Happy Valentine!


Happy Valentine!

I found out about the coolest little device ever made! And I especially wanted to share all about it on this special day! Because who isn’t a little stressed finding the best – last-minute – gift for his or her valentine?! Trust me, anyone will love this! Because with this small and portable machine, you can turn your mobile phone into an instant camera! So imagine, you take a picture and in less than 30 seconds you have that magical moment in your hands to share with your valentine! To never forget that special moment ❤️ Prynt is a San Francisco-based company that has created the first ever smartphone case to instantly print your photos. The Prynt Case allows you to plug in your phone, take a picture and get a printed photo (all in the same minute!). You can edit your picture as well before printing in the Prynt app, by adding text, effects or some small corrections. What I especially love about Prynt is that your picture can come alive. Let me explain this in a little more detail. When you take a photo with your Prynt app, make sure you do a happy dance or give someone a little kiss. Once you print the photo and hold your phone over the photo with the Prynt app, you can replay the moment, over and over again. Another cool feature using the Prynt app is that you can send a 4×6 version of any of your photos in the mail as a postcard — for free, even if you don’t own a case! All you need to do is include that persons address and a few days later, the lucky person has the cutest and most spontaneous picture in the mail! And finally, as the Prynt Case does not have any messy ink or toner cartridges in it, it is completely safe to carry in your handbag. So I will make sure I take it with me, so I can print my warmest moments at any time of the day! I wish you all the happiest Valentine’s Day!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article, Xx!

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