Big news: the free plastic bag is prohibited!


Big news: the free plastic bag is prohibited!

We are counting down for the new year to start and this means a fresh beginning for many people. This also applies for the life of the plastic bag. Until this year, many shops were handing out the plastic containers for free whenever you bought something. This habit has a lot of advantages as well as a lot of disadvantages like the severe pollution of nature as the picture clarifies. Because it appears that most of these plastic bags end up as landfill, that takes at least 1000 years to break down. To prevent further pollution, the European Government decided to approve new legislation. As a result thereof the prohibition of free plastic bags will be a fact in the Netherlands as from 1 January 2016. It’s the law, so don’t be surprised when retailers charge you when they hand out a plastic bag (how much is actually not regulated yet, but it will probably be something around 25 cents), also when you buy something amounting to € 200. The idea is to stimulate people in making a conscious choice on whether or not to buy a plastic bag (which also includes biological and laminated plastic bags) and apparently it works: the use of these bags are reduced by 77% when the price tag is added.

You might remember the article in which Chris tells you all about the charm of a plastic bag? Even though he loves the use of such a bag and would be happy to pay 25 cents, we must consider alternatives. Not paper bags, as those kill the trees. The bags in the below are – just like the plastic bag – foldable, reusable and light. However – unlike the plastic bags – these bags are stylish, washable, unbreakable and sustainable. When I leave the house, I always carry such a bag in my handbag so I can use it whenever I buy something in a store or supermarket. And what about you, would you like to add ‘bringing an alternative bag’ to your list of personal objectives for the new year?


Monki Oversized Drawstring Shopper Bag // Ban.Do Ticket Stripe Canvas shopper bag // Bag With First I Need Coffee Print // We never go out of style canvas bag // Make Something good today – canvas bag


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