5 things you didn’t know about me!


5 things you didn’t know about me!


As we just arrived in San Francisco and go out to meet new people every day, I started thinking about what you should tell about yourself when you meet someone for the first time. That introduction is very important as it is the first impression to someone who could become your friend. So what to tell and what not to tell to make a good first impression? Obviously you do not immediately reveal your odd habits to someone you just met. But as this article isn’t probably the first post that you read on this blog, I feel like you already know me a little. I therefore thought it was fun to open up by telling you 5 things you probably didn’t know about me. Just a few – quite random – facts, picked from everyday life. And what would be a better place to talk about these remarkable habits than from the rooftop of my new home in San Francisco?! So please read along and I’m very curious what your funny fact is or whether you recognise yourself in one of these ‘confessions’.


Fact 1: Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I just love granola’s, fruits and yoghurt and I could eat it all day long. You would also make me very happy with a smoothie, porridge or cereals – from coco pops, honey smacks and cookie crisps. I find it at least a 1000 times better than an ordinary sandwich. And as it is the most important meal of the day, I feel like I’m allowed to fill my breakfast bowl at least twice per 24 hours, right;)?!


Fact 2: I really really love the sun. If only because I am obsessed with sunrises and sunsets as well as for the fact that those warm rays of sunshine make the world look more beautiful, colourful and lively as everyone goes outdoors. But mainly because the sun enables me to be the best version of myself: I’m a nicer person with more energy and a big smile on her face because everything is so much better when the sun is out: ice-cream cones taste richer just like your beer and bbq, flowers blossom and all you friends feel like doing something fun. I am therefore so happy that we moved to a place where the Californian sun is always shining.


Fact 3: I absolutely don’t like showering. Yep, you might think that I am a very neat person – which I am, only not until noon… I actually became quite good at postponing my shower ritual. I figured out that I am most productive in the mornings when I am wrapped in my robe with a messy bun, prescription glasses and a big coffee. Not sexy; not chic, but that is just how I do best. After a short workout I’m ready to jump in the shower so I can turn myself into a neat, well-groomed and refined girl again!


Fact 4: I am terrified of birds; seriously, terrified. I will rather be walking a block or two more, than walking through a group of birds that gathered on the sidewalk. Whether it is a pigeon, seagull or a beautiful exotic bird, those beaks are just frightening and because they can fly they are just so unpredictable. So please birdie, birdie – do not come close to Suzy!


Fact 5. My husband has to taste unusual food beforehand. Even though I really like to think of myself as an adventurous woman, I have to admit that I am actually a little fairy when it comes to food. So when we go travelling, he has to check everything that doesn’t come in an ordinary package or when it is something exotic that I have never had before. After he can assure that it is ‘safe’ for me to eat, I am happy to follow. Now you know who the real adventurer is…!


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– Hope you enjoyed this post! Big Xx –

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