LENA – The Fashion Library


LENA – The Fashion Library


Library’s are for bookworms, old people or for nerds? Uh-uh, you are wrong. Totally wrong!! Now that LENA The Fashion Library has come to town, this bibliotheca is the place to be! This library offers a great collection of books of wisdom, including titles as ‘Recycle or die‘, ‘Sharing matters‘ and ‘Fast Fashion is like Fast Food‘ but those books are not the main items you can borrow. Actually, this place is more about borrowing clothes. So this is the new hotspot for fashionista’s with a sustainable mind and who like to play with fashion!


LENA The Fashion library has only just been set up and already won The Dutch Retail Experience Awards 2015 as well as the Most Innovative Store Award 2015. LENA enables you to experiment with fashion and style. You can try the clothes by borrowing them and if you really really like it, you can buy that item. But if you don’t like the piece of clothing you can wash it (in each of the items there is clear washing instruction and you can buy natural washing powder that is free of chemicals in the store), return it and simply lend another piece of clothing. It is a great solution for overstock and an amazing concept in sustainable fashion.


Obviously I tried on many items as I could choose from an exclusive selection of vintage clothing, eco-labels and upcoming designers (check a small selection of items here). I really loved the little black dress but eventually I decided to borrow the denim outfit, perfect for autumn and easy to combine during daytime with black boots or at night with a pair of shiny red pumps. You will see more of it soon on this blog, so stay tuned!


LENA The Fashion Library is located on Westerstraat 174A, Amsterdam – www.lena-library.com


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