Style Guide: What to wear to the beach?


Style Guide: What to wear to the beach?

Summer is here! At least, officially..! Because even though this should be the season to go to the beach, it is still pouring rain most of the week! But, no reason to be sad because I know for sure that the sun will come out soon so that you can visit the beach! Or you might have got yourself a ticket to a sunny place like Mykonos, Sicily or Ibiza. To get sun kissed, to have an incredibly lunch on the beach, or to party with your toes in sand while the sun is shining. To make sure you are ready to show up in style, this fashion guide will help you to get yourself the final items to complete your beach look!

What to wear to the beach to get sun kissed?!

Lying on the beach while you can see and hear the waves on the background is so incredibly relaxing as well as reading a magazine, going for a swim or listening to your favourite music. Did you already see that the latest trend on the beach are round towels? We therefore found you just the perfect black and white rug including a matching batching suit. The shopper bag is the perfect carrier to hold your essentials and espadrilles might be the best shoes to walk to the beach. The easy-breezy dress and cool sunglasses make you ready to get sun kissed this summer.


Rough rug // Nanni Shopper Bag // Frends Head set // Rough Rugs dress  // Komono Sunglasses //TOMS espadrilles // Bathing suit – picture credits

What to wear to lunch on the beach?!

Lunch on the beach is always a good idea. The ocean view never fails to be enchanting, the vibes are relaxed and the sun is shining. Order some fresh fish from the grill together with a rose wine and some sweet ice-cream as dessert. Yes… Everything tastes better on the beach! A colourful summer dress with an elegant (and sun-protective!) floppy hat would be a very nice attire to enjoy your seafood and drinks. Pair these items with a clutch which could keep your phone (and phone cover) at hand as well as your keys and your turquoise key ring. Complete your look with a summery bracelet and espadrilles and don’t forget your sunglasses! With this look you will be ready to enjoy your lunch on the beach to the max!


Hanna Wallmark bracelet // Helene Berman Hat // Unisa Bag // Michael Kors Keyring // Kate Spade Beach dress // Michael Kors Phone cover // TOMS shoes // TOMS sunglasses – picture credits 

What to wear to a beach party?!

Who doesn’t dream from parties with your toes in the sand while the sun goes down… Because the truth is that the beats sound greater and the cocktails taste better on the beach. Everyone will instantly feel like dancing and you will look smashing with an off the shoulder bikini top and a skirt with fringes that move along while you are dancing. Make sure you carry a shoulder bag like this Anokhi bag, so your hands are free to dance or hold your drink(s). You won’t regret these elegant sandals nor the fun pineapple sunglasses. Do you prefer to keep it classy, you might want to opt for the straw hat. Whether you have a party on Ibiza or Zandvoort, this look will be on trend this season!


Bikini Pant and Top //Anokhi Shoulder bag // Supertrash hat // Topshop Skirt // Lina Locchi shoes // Pineapple Sunglasses // Pig & Hen bracelet – picture credits 

– Hope you enjoyed this post! Big Xx –

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