Bumpdate ♥ 16 weeks


Bumpdate ♥ 16 weeks

First of all, thank you so much for all the amazing messages on my former blog post, the pregnancy announcement. We are over the moon to welcome this baby in the beginning of September and so happy that the word is out. Because now we can stop the lies and start sharing the joy and excitement. Everything is going super well and the baby is growing great according to last week’s ultrasound. That is why I thought it would be cool to share the first bumpdate with questions inspired on my sweet friend Britt Fullwood’s bumpdates. These questions and answers include some fun facts and stories of the first 16 weeks! Enjoy the read…


Bumpdate ♥ 16 weeks

First baby: Yes

When I found out: We found out on 30 December, right before new years eve so it was the perfect ending of 2017.

How did we tell my parents: We put the positive pregnancy test in a empty box of wine. We stopped by on 1 January to wish them happy new year and told them we had a little something for 2018;)… When they opened the box they had the most enthusiastic reaction; they are also very very excited.

How far along: 16 weeks and 3 days.

How big is the baby: around 15 cm: the size of an avocado and weighs as much as a chocolate bar.

Did you already gain weight: I think so: around 3 kg already…

Crazy cravings: Pizza, chocolate and pickles (no joke!).

Do I still fit my clothes: Well actually, most trousers don’t fit anymore… As I became a little ’rounder’ all around, my hips and belly grew so I had to by a new pair of trousers. I also bought a new top to go out in and some new dresses (like this beautiful red piece).

Sick or nauseous: no not al all. I fainted one time in the middle of night which was quite scary. But other than that, I feel great (thankfully!). I do feel tired much faster than normally, but no, no nausea.

Best moment this week: The gender reveal party yesterday for all the baby’s aunties! It was so much fun and such a special moment to have most of my friends united and to see them so excited about our baby. I will reveal the gender to you soon as well! What do you think it will be? BOY or GIRL?

What was the hardest so far: the not-telling-anyone as it often resulted in lying. Every time I went out for a drink with my friends, I took my glass of wine with me to the restroom, threw the wine in the toilet and filled it with my own applejuice-water mocktail that I held in my bag. No one caught me, but I really found this lying part the hardest.

Positive side affects: yes, my hair is more thicker and beautiful than ever before. Or maybe it is because of my hair treatment @Cosmo Hairstyling. In this beautiful salon you’ll only find the best hair dressers and they are specialised in colouring (can’t you tell?!). They always take my hair to the next level.

Do you already miss anything: Not really. Apart from being tired, I still live my life to the fullest. I don’t miss alcohol nor sushi; just replaced that for pizza and ginger beer;).

Did I buy already a lot of baby stuff: No, I haven’t bought anything yet. I’m superstitious and apparently it is bad luck to buy clothes and other things early in the pregnancy. We did already receive some precious gifts from friends and family, including hats, mini gloves, cuddle toys, book, socks and front carry. All super cute!

Exercise: I started swimming and kickboxing this week. I also try to walk as much as I can and I do a 7 minutes workout in the morning (a self-made pregnancy version).

Looking forward to: everything! As it is my first time being pregnant I’m just over the moon and excited for everything that is coming. However, I also note that I’m completely clueless in this adventure. So to all the experienced mommies out there, I’m all ears for pregnancy tips!


Get the look: Red dress (get similar one here and here), black boots (similar boots here), basket bag and sunglasses (similar sunglasses here)


Photography by Marinke Davelaar / @Marinke_photography

Bag-at-you---Style-blogger---Red-dressBag-at-you---Cosmo-Hairstyling---Amsterdam-bloggerBag-at-you---Cosmo-Hairstyling---Dutch-blogger Bag-at-you---Spring-in-Amsterdam---Style-blogger Bag-at-you---Spring-Style---Amsterdam-blogger Bag-at-you---Style-blogger---Amsterdam---Marinke-Davelaar-Photography

As always, thank you for reading! Xx Susanne  

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