The allround Mr. Floid


The allround Mr. Floid

The Eastpak Floid Backpack is one of my favourite allround bags. This bag is perfect for the every day city-life as well as leisure and holidays. I got this bag just before our trip to Marrakesh in November last year as I thought that this would be the perfect backpack for this city trip. My husband mostly carried this bag most of the time as a real gentleman.

After we returned and got back to work, it appeared that he found this bag the perfect accessory to join him to work. Every day again, he leaves his leather corporate handbag at home and puts on his Floid. Even when we went on our honeymoon to Zermatt, he insisted that this Eastpak bag would join us. Of course, I encouraged him to do so as I could put some of my essentials in it when we went skiing. Besides the fact that this bag looks smart, it is very practical. This backpack by Eastpak is very comfortable in wearing with its ergonomic padded back and shoulder straps, unfriendly for pickpockets, easy to organise and unisex. That what makes this backpack the perfect allround bag!



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