Ski Bag

Ski Bag

Bag at You Ski BagAfbeelding 120Bag at You Ski-BagBag at You FacebookYeah, we are in the middle of ski-season! Maybe you have already been up in the mountains this winter or perhaps you are still planning your trip to the white hills? In any case, you are more fortunate than I am as I don’t have any plans to pack my bag to go skiing this season.

I have always been a fanatic skier as I was born and raised by two overenthusiastic skiers. We took the first lift of the day up as well as the last one. Our family motto was: “If you hadn’t fallen that day, you had not pushed your own boundaries”. Die hard skiing, going off piste or doing ski-routes without any hot-chocolate-breaks, is my favorite skiing program.

Against what you might expect, I am a huge fan of a ski-outfit without a bag. However, if you go on a tour or off piste, you really can not go without a backpack. And then I mean a professional ski bag, not an eastpak or another stylish backpack. It is important to be safe and to be prepared for all circumstances. These pictures were taken a few years ago when we climbed the rocks to go down on the other side of the mountain. I thought it was pretty insane, especially on my ski-boots. But I made it and was very happy with my companion on my back! Which of the options in the below is your favorite?

Mammut Backpack

Mammut – Nirvana Ride 30L backpack

Bag at Yoo - ABS Vario Zip

ABS Vario Zip on 18-Silver

Bag at You - Head Ski Freeride Backpack Blue

Head Ski Freeride Backpack Blue

Bag at you - Haglofs Gira 22 L

Haglöfs Gira 22 L – Black

Bag at You - Backpack ski snowboard

Wed’ze – Backpack Ski & Snowboard

Bag at you - The North Face Ski BagThe North Face – Slackpack 16L Backpack

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