Customise your workspace this Valentine!


Customise your workspace this Valentine!


This is not the first time I tell you how much I like to customise my workspace. Because let’s face it, an entire clean and impersonal desk can not be inspiring for anyone. You could already make a big difference by putting down a picture or some fresh flowers. But did you know you can take your personalised desk to the next level?! With Case App you can make custom iPhone cases as well as for your iPad, Samsung Galaxy and MacBook and other devices! Case App also has some pretty cool pre-designed cases, but I always like to pick one of the pictures that mean a lot to me. Because with their unique designing tool it is easy to create your own unique and custom MacBook covers that brings back all your favourite memories. I took these photos on one of my travels and every time I look at my phone or computer, they make me happy. As Valentine is coming up soon now, I’m very excited to tell you that you can order your beautiful custom items with 20% discount by using the code: BAGATYOUVALENTINES20. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be happy and inspired as soon as they start working?! To inspire you a little more, I also included the cases I created before with Case App. I am very curious to hear which one is your favourite!

Customise your workspace!

1. The first custom iPhone cover and macbook skin I created with Case App. Check the full article here!


2. Right after I got married I had to have this picture on my Macbook which I matched with a pre-designed iPhone cover. Check the full article here!


3. For this third order I picked these pictures from two different vacations, but both – oh so – special! 


Which one is your favourite?


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