Vogue Intensive Summer Course – London

Vogue Intensive Summer Course – London

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So what have I done these last couple of weeks?

I had a blast spending four weeks in London, happily living my life in Islington! But how did I spend my daytime? Well… I tell you now that I had the most inspiring, interesting, informative, wonderful time! I have always been very interested in fashion! Not only in ways of dressing myself but also in context of history, the design process, trend forecasting, fashion cycle, editorial side of magazines, ethics in fashion and so on. However, I never really had the chance to extent my interest in such a way.

But during my family weekend in the beginning of May, I came across an advert in the UK Glamour for the Vogue Intensive Summer Course, a four week course at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design in London. Condé Nast is the publisher of many established magazines, such as Vogue, Tatler, Love, Glamour, GQ, Vanity Fair, House & Garden, The New Yorker, etc, and this company opened its own fashion institute in April 2013. Reading this advert, I immediately felt that this was my call and my opportunity to be introduced with all kinds of aspects of the world of fashion & design! I applied for the course and received within two days a confirmation that my application was successful!! London, here I come!

The course touched on many subjects, such as journalism, PR, marketing, advertising, history, styling, ethics in fashion, retail and the international fashion calendar. The tutors and guest speakers came all straight from the industry and imparted – with so much joy – their knowledge and experiences. Not only was I educated very well by these teachers and speakers, I also learned a lot from my co-students. There were 83 participants, 4 guys and 79 girls from all over the world, all amazing people of all ages, each having a different background and their own reasons to participate in this course. The highlight of this course was our night out in Tramp Restaurant & Club, dressing “En Vogue”, of which party we all seriously needed to recover (the nursing hangover day)..!

I must say that this was the most inspiring environment I have ever been at and that I am kind of sad that this amazing four week program has come to an end…

As you can imagine, I carefully considered my outfit for each day. I believe that your clothes are a reflection of yourself, represent which role you are going to take that day, decide the impression you are going to make on others as well as that they give away your (cultural) background.

The above pictures show my outfit diary. So what do you think the outfits I was wearing during the course express?!

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