California wine tasting at Best!


California wine tasting at Best!

Last month I enjoyed the most perfect night with the most elegant and delicious wines at Belga, a popular restaurant in San Francisco. The most talented influencers and bloggers were all invited to be introduced with the newest Spring Wine Club by Keller Estate Winery. This is a family vineyard, located in Petaluma in the Sonoma Coast area which is only a 50 minutes drive from San Francisco. This estate produces some vibrant Pinot Noir, Syrah and Chardonnay whites since 1989. Nowadays, it is a stunning, functional winery that creates exquisite wines. When you take a sip of the wine, you can taste that the fruits have been grown with a lot of love and care of the Keller family.  This night was truly a perfect way to experience California Wine Tasting and I can’t wait to go to the vineyard where we can enjoy the breathtaking views. Whether it will be for a classic tasting, cave tasting or the brunch tasting, I know for sure it will be an amazing experience.

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