My tips to relax and slow down !


My tips to relax and slow down !

We are living in a time that we are asking a lot of ourselves. We want to get that job promotion, to have the greatest friends, to be the best lover and to look flawless at all times. And that is all fine as long as we are feeling all fine doing so. However, as we weren’t all born as super heroes, some of us may encounter stress in modern life. Yes, me too. And to deal with that unpleasant feeling, I learned myself a few tricks. After we spent the weekend in Napa, California, to enjoy a weekend of wine tasting, good weather, delicious food, sports and (most of all) chillings, I decided that it was time to share my tips to relax.


Tips to relax and slow down!

  1. Travel to a happy place! Not literally; just close your eyes and think back at a time you were extremely relaxed and happy (the place in the pictures is mine). How did it look like, who was sitting next to you and why did you feel so happy? Just go over this moment in your head and you’ll feel just as happy and relaxed as back then.
  2. Go for swim. Nothing feels better than floating in the water and literally letting go of everything!
  3. Live in the moment and stop thinking about your worries for tomorrow! Enjoy that wine if you feel like it instead of thinking about what you have to do later on. You will sort it out, like you always did!
  4. Leave your phone at home. This might sound scary, but it is actually quite nice to be disconnected from the outside world. This will enable you to take a real break.
  5. Enjoy nature! Look at the blue sky, the palms or the sunset. Continue your activities after you have taken a few deep breaths while looking at it!


I hope these tricks will help you to slow down this summer. However, I don’t think of myself as an expert. So please feel free to comment in the below as I would love to hear what helps you to relax and to slow down.

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These pictures were made at The Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa Valley, California


Hope you enjoyed this article! Xx Susanne

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