Bag around at Lowlands Paradise


Bag around at Lowlands Paradise

Excitement is all around as Lowlands is coming closer. This festival is all about the music and not so much about the looks, especially when you consider that taking a shower is a hard to accomplish and mirrors are rare on the camping life. Nevertheless we do want to be prepared for a whole day of dancing and make sure that we have all our must-haves to hand. And for that we need the perfect festival bag! The weather forecast is not too bad and I therefore picked you some summery bags that I find very appropriate to bag around at Lowlands Paradise. Hope to see you all on Friday where I will be – besides singing along –  capturing the best bags of Lowlands. But for now, scroll down and maybe you will find your last-minute buddy for this festival!


ASOS Embellished Mermaid Bum Bag


Hiptipico Backpack with fringes


Mint & Berry Backpack


 Skinnydip Pineapple Juice Across Body Bag


Stradivarius Folk Shoulder bag


La Lisette Grapefruit mini purse


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