The perfect beach bag!


The perfect beach bag!


This weekend I had the best weekend ever with the most beautiful woman in the world: my mother. As you might know from the article “Andalusian Alleys“, my grand grand grandparents bought a casita in the South of Spain in the 1950’s. And my mother and I thought it was a good idea to spend some quality time there, our second home. We left our guys in NL so we could do the typical girl stuff. But most of all we enjoyed lying on the beach near Puerto Banus with a view on this beautiful deserted lighthouse, a very special place for us as there are so many good memories.

This place and the feeling I get when I see this sight will never change. What does change is my look and outfit. For 2015 I choose this bandeau bikini in neon orange and cobalt blue by the very popular brand Triangl. It is made of neoprene, a material that is normally used in laptop sleeves and dry suits. But today we see that fashion designers also love working with this material. When I unwrapped the package, I noticed that this bikini came with this Beach Bag. Lucky me! Not only because I really like to match my outfit but also because it is a very practical bag. It is light, pliable and has an easygoing but fashionable look which makes it for me the perfect beach bag.

If you don’t like the bikini but do like the drawstring backpacks, I want to suggest to take a look at the  collection of Keep in mind that these casual bags are totally on trend and will continue to be fashionable until Spring/Summer 2016, whether it is in neoprene or another material.


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