Spicy pregnancy – 36 weeks bumpdate ♥


Spicy pregnancy – 36 weeks bumpdate ♥

Ohhh boy – I’m 36 weeks pregnant! I’m in month 9, the month that I will give birth to our son. Time is really flying by and he could decide to arrive any moment now. Well… I hope he will at least wait for four days, as the husband and I are in France for a baby moon ♥ Just the two of us, for the last time… I knew for sure to pack this black leopard printed kimono with me to spice up the final stage of my pregnancy;). No seriously, I am not a huge fan of pregnancy clothing, so I try to wear as many wide or stretchy dresses with beautiful accessories like this kimono by Spicyscarves. Very versatile as I can wear it with a dress, a pair of trousers and shirt but also to the beach on top of my bikini. As 36 weeks is a big milestone, I want to update you on the bump:


How far along? 36 weeks. The baby already weights about 2,8kg and is the size of a papaya.

Nursery? Well I’m very happy with our new sleeping bag by Puckababy. This brand creates luxurious sleeping bags for all different ages of the baby, and we start with the Original Piep, appropriate for 0-3 months. As most parents call this the miracle sleeping bag, you may understand this swaddle was on top of our list. It is not too tight which will enable the baby to move but will also work in a calming way. We got the cotton jersey version that is perfect for all year round, but they also sell a summer version (Tency) and one for winter (Teddy). I love all the prints of Puckababy but for our little boy I picked the Hong Kong style. I can’t wait to start using our Piep to keep him warm, safe and comfortable. And for me, it will be like I can unwrap our own little prince every time he wakes up.

Bag at you - Puckbaby PiepBag-at-you---Puckbaby-Piep-Swaddle

Best moment of the week? Well, I had many actually. Date night with the hubby at Haarlem Culinair, birthday party from my little niece who turned 4 years old, this photoshoot with my sweet friend Marlieke Koks, my last day at work before my maternity leave and the fine dinner with my grandparents in Antwerp which was the perfect start of our Babymoon.

Cravings? Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. And a lot of watermelon because of the hot weather. I also really start missing wine, so I can’t wait to have a bottle after delivery;).


Positive side effects? Since I have been pregnant, my sight got better. I used to wear glasses and prescription sunglasses by Polette. But since my pregnancy I don’t need them anymore so I can order new sunglasses with normal fashion sunglasses. Not sure if this is a common side effect, but I am very grateful for it.

Ailments? I’m still feeling very good and I enjoy every second of this pregnancy. But due to the hot weather, I do have swollen ankles and feet. I do had a lot of pain in my lower back, but that could also be the cause of me carrying and doing to many things. I also sleep very good in the night, even though our baby boy is very active.

Look forward to? Our baby moon this weekend! We are staying in the perfect boutique hotel  in the North of France, one hour from Paris and Reims.


As always, thank you for reading! 


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