Baby gift ideas for Christmas


Baby gift ideas for Christmas

After Thanksgiving and ‘Sinterklaas’ the celebrations aren’t over. Actually, I always feel like these holidays are a so-called ‘starter’ for the holiday of the holidays: Christmas! Finally, ‘Tis the season for tuxedos, candy cane magic and candle lights… For watching Love Actually over and over again without any limits on hot chocolate. For Christmas trees, sequins dresses and gifts. Because Santa is the most generous of all. And as a new mom, I want to help Santa this year by revealing the best baby gift ideas this Christmas. So scroll down and find out what any new mom should be finding this year under her Christmas tree.

– Baby gift ideas for Christmas –

I believe in starting young when in comes to travelling the world! And that is why any parent needs this ultra light PipaLite LX by Nuna. We “carried” this carseat all the way from Amsterdam to Marbella when our little boy was only 4 weeks old. I tell you, it was the safest, easiest and lightest journey ever! This carseat is easy to install, has a super safe design and is very easy to use. So once we walked out of the plane, we only needed 15 seconds to install this carseat in the car. Apparently, the baby sits super comfortable as he fell asleep as soon as we started the engine. Win win for everyone in the family!


Now any parent want to keep her baby close at any time. And with this Ergobaby Omni 360 Star Dust that I found via Babymatters, that wish because reality. It is a ergonomic carrier that makes carrying your baby more fun, comfortable and easier. I can carry the baby in four different positions, from day 1 up to toddler. Trust me, this will make you bond with your little one even better!


If you think babies don’t know what they want, think again! And all babies want is sleeping and being swaddled in a Puckababy! Now, as sleeping is a very important factor in the happiness of a new mother, there isn’t really a better gift to gift than this! Boudewijn started with the Puckababy Piep, but he already out-grew it. So the next step is the Puckababy Mini and we got it in this super soft and warm Teddy material, perfect for winter! I also strongly recommend the Puckababy Gogo that we take whenever we are on the go, even in the plane. Because truthfully, as soon as we wrap him in his Gogo, he is sleeping:)! Trust me, babies need to kept warm at all times and that is why I love Puckababy!


Ahhh, even before I was pregnant, I knew that this would be my number 1 item on my wish-list. My Sleepyhead. Well better said, his Sleepyhead! Its a safe, unique and versatile baby bed, recommended by midwives and maternity nurses. And by me! I think it is a serious game changer in the comfort of your baby. I use our Deluxe+ pod not only for sleeping, but also for lounging, playing, cuddling and tummy time! I sometimes also change the diaper as I can wash the cover. or The only question that remains: why don’t they have this for mommies?!


Now as the blogger for Bag at you, I took finding my perfect diaper bag very seriously. And I found the most perfect one. I love every aspect of my Nursery Backpack. Even if the baby isn’t with me, I carry it. I love its design, it super lightness and the soft felt material. And from a more fashionable point of view, this backpack matches with everything! The shoulder straps in simili-leather are easily adapted. The backpack comes with a foldable changing mat and has two large compartments to store all of your baby’s items. I found it via Childhome, a website that has all baby & kids furniture and accessories. I’m sure you’ll love them just as I do!


As a true Dutchie you can’t start too soon with biking! And the cutest little bikes are made by the Amsterdam city brand, Veloretti! We got them as a gift from my sister in law. Even though he can’t use it yet, we think it is so cute that we already have it in the living room. And we can’t wait to see our little boy have that first taste of freedom pedaling down the street. I’m so excited for the future and so could your little rider!


– Thank you for reading and enjoy the holidays! – 

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