Baby interior shopping


Baby interior shopping

For new parents to be, it isn’t always easy to decide what baby interio you should get for your newborn. Some of my more experienced friends, sent me lists with baby needs and essentials. These were helpful, but I still had no idea where to start. Until a few weeks ago, when we decided to visit Babypark in Wormerveer, a new location of this chain. They are specialized in baby rooms and all essentials for baby’s like cradles, strollers, baby chairs, blankets, baby clothing, mommy essentials, etc. from beautiful labels like Kidsmill, Stokke, sleepyhead, Nuna, Bloom and 4 Moms. As I said, it can be overwhelming to shop for baby interior. And that is why I loved that you are offered a personal shopper at Babypark to find you your perfect baby interior…

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We were really looking for a playpen, because no matter how much I want to hold my baby 24/7, we all know that isn’t possible in reality. This future mamma also needs to shower, cook, or do other chores in the house. And having the baby around you when you are using the hot stove is not safe. No unfortunately I can’t play and keep my eyes on him all the time. That is why the playpen was on top of our list, to give him a fun, comfortable and safe place to chill and play when mommy and daddy need to focus on other things but still want to keep the baby close. We choose this beautiful one from Kidsmill, with built-in storage for things like toys, blankets, diapers, etc. This is great as I understand you can never have enough storage for your baby items. It was very easy to assemble this playpen, but Babypark also offers help to do so at your home. It’s a beautiful eyecatcher in our living room with a modern design and an adjustable bottom so you can change the height depending on the age and abilities of the baby. I’m very happy with my Sleepyhead which is a unique, safe, cozy and versatile portable baby bed, especially when you combine this nest with the Puckababy cover to keep the baby warm and the cutest Doudou cuddle toys. I can’t wait to see our little boy sleeping – or play in here soon!

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