How to mix and match Winter and Spring apparel?

How to mix and match Winter and Spring apparel?

The weather in Amsterdam is deceiving. Because the sun is shining bright and that makes us all want to go out and have a drink on the terrace. But once you step outside, the cold is taking you by surprise and all the sudden you realise that going out – in your new Spring outfit – is the worst decision of 2018. Because, girl… It’s C O L D  O U T S I D E!! However, the truth is, I can’t wait to show my new Spring outfits and staying in has never been my thing. So I had to come up with a solution to the question how to mix and match Winter and Spring apparel. And if you pair your new Spring dress with a warm winter sweater, you can have both: parade in your new spring outfit while staying warm. This Marc Jacobs Snapshot shoulder bag is my #1 companion because of the design, size and color. I also really like the metallics and spotted version. To add some fun and edge to this look, I paired my Donna Carolina sneakers, which are also very comfortable and thus perfect for terrace hopping;). Did you already added some pieces to your Spring wardrobe and have you been wearing them already? 


Photography by Marinke Davelaar / @Marinke_photography

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As always, thank you for reading! Xx Susanne  

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