Unexpected Fashion Battle


Unexpected Fashion Battle


This Saturday I went to Stadshart Amstelveen to dress up my own mannequin. The reason for that is that I participate in the Unexpected Fashion Battle, a competition between 12 bloggers in this shopping centre. Each month (September, October, November and December) three bloggers are showcasing an outfit that has been styled in accordance with a certain theme, this month urban outdoors. I selected several items to create this look: Urban outdoors with a fashionable twist (vote here).


This outfit is a good representation of my style and very wearable for a bon vivant and loves to go out with her friends, to discover new hotspots, to wear fashionable but comfortable apparel and is always on the go. I worked with a lot of layers, so you will stay warm during a day in autumn.

Here is a short list of the items I gathered for this look:

Leather pants: Guess – €125,00
Blouse and feather cardigan: Expresso – €79,95 and €99,95
Black cardigan: Repeat (Rosmode) – €229,95
Shoes: Parfois (V&D) -€34,95
Hat: Superdry – €29,95
Necklace: Steps – €12,95
Bag: Essential (Pick&Spend) – €149,00
Umbrella: Hema – €7,95.


Is this outfit your favourite, please vote by using this link: http://blog.stadshartamstelveen.nl. And the best part is that you can win € 100 shopping credit as well as a shopping session with a personal stylist. How awesome is that?!

This month Nicole of thebudgetlife.nl, Manon of A Shot of Fashion and I compete for the most votes. The big price is given away in December. The blogger with the most votes will be the Co-Instagrammer of stadshartamstlvn. She will be contributory to showing you content with the most inspiring outfits that can be purchased in this shopping centre, including giveaways and great snapshots of the hottest items. So please don’t wait, and vote for me or one of the other bloggers: http://blog.stadshartamstelveen.nl


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