The most romantic honeymoon destinations!


The most romantic honeymoon destinations!

With a wedding comes a honeymoon; at least for most of us. Some leave for their major vacation right after the ‘deed is done’ while other couples plan to go a bit later. And some, like my fiance and I did, also go on a pre-honeymoon which is a kind of rehearsal for the real one;). As holidays are always a lot of fun to organise, this one is even more exciting as it will be a true ones-in-a-lifetime experience. You might be dreaming of one of the beautiful and classic destinations like Venice, Hawaii, Bahamas and Seychelles. But maybe you look for a deeply romantic place at a more unconventional location? Today I share with you some of the places I was lucky to visit and which I found quite right for a honeymoon. So whether you are the adventurous, luxurious or moderate kind of bride, you will definitely find some inspiration in the next 10 destinations…

Petra, Jordan

If you visit Petra in Jordan, you will be sure of a very special holiday. It is a historical and archaeological city that is famous for its rock-cut-architecture. Sleep in one of the tents of a traditional Bedouin camp for a true romantic experience and drive the next day to the Dead Sea for leisure, a spa treatment and  a truly spectacular sunset!


Buenos Aires, Argentina

You will never want to leave once you set food on the grounds of the magical city Buenos Aires. Immerse yourself with the tango culture, visit the rose garden, hit the street market of San Telmo, have dinner at a parilla (grill), experience the culture in La Boca, wander trough Palermo and don’t forget to buy tickets for Bomba del Tiempo, a mini festival on Monday night.


Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao offers the perfect combination of leisure on the beach with a fresh coconut and being active in sea while you are diving. At night you can chose to enjoy a fine diner as well as going to a wild party where you will be drinking three or four buckets. Are you looking for an intimate resort, than the Koh Tao Cabanas hotel is the best to spend your first nights as Mr & Mrs;)!


Tulum, Mexico

Last year we discovered Tulum, a hippie village located on the West coast of Mexico. This place has all newly weds can dream of: endless white beaches, delicious seafood with splendid wines, some cultural activities if you visit the ruines, spa and yoga classes and private cottages on the beach. You will forget all essence of time and won’t be thinking about anything else than your bright future together.



A tropical and exotic destination. Mauritius is an island in front of Madagaskar and is perfect for the ultimate relaxation and romance. Go snorkelling, water skiing or sailing during daytime and book a sunset cruise for two at night. Maybe The Oberoi is your dream hotel as well?


Breuil Cervinia, Italy

Hit the slopes as Mr. and Mrs. newly weds and cosy up by the fire. Love is so much more romantic in the snow and now that he said ‘yes’, you will survive any snow storm together… Instead of zipping margaritas with your toes in the sand, you two want to be active during daytime and warm up at night in the sauna for two. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? For more, click here.

Bag at You - Waking up in sunny Italy - Matterhorn

Tortuguero, Costa Rica

If you – besides your husband – have a deep love for purity and for nature, then you might want to consider Tortuguero in Costa Rica. This undisturbed nature reserve is the ‘land of the turtles’ and the quiet beaches are the primary nesting sites for dead turtles. You can only come here by boat or airplane and you can be sure that it will be an adventure with just the two of you and some wild animals, like migratory birds, jaguars and monkeys.


Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

If you want to experience the ‘alone in the world feeling’ with your husband, than this is the perfect location! Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in Central America and is surrounded by Vulcans. The Laguna Lodge (for eco-lovers) or Atitlan Sunset Lounge (for couples with a weakness for sunsets) will definitely give you all the privacy you want during your honeymoon.


Toscany, Italy

Rent a Fiat 500 and stay in one of the many romantic hotels in Tuscany. Go wine tasting, enjoy its landscapes, history and artistic legacy and make sure you visit one of the beautiful cities like Florence, Sienna or Lucca. And don’t forget to play ‘Lady & The Tramp’ with a real Italian spaghetti! Try Castel Monastero for a unique experience!


Safari in South Africa

One of the most beautiful and diverse trips ever was our trip to South Africa where we travelled from Johannesburg to Cape Town. The safaris were one of the highlights, especially when you are booking a romantic hotel with a private terrace with view over the wilderness. And if you have time you might want to drive the garden route which end up in Cape Town, which is definitely worth a visit!



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