What to wear to the Opera in San Francisco?!


What to wear to the Opera in San Francisco?!


I really hate to admit it, but things change when you grow older. Where I could party until 6 am in the morning when I was in my early twenties, I now don’t think it is that bad that the clubs in San Francisco close at 2 am. And where I could drink a lot without noticing anything the next day, I know feel fizzy after two cocktails! It’s true and I hate it! But… Growing older also has it good parts such as learning to appreciate beautiful things even more. Like going to the Opera and exclusive and unique evening gowns that have been designed with passion, love and eye for detail. I was very excited for the performance, Aida. But I was also even more enthusiastic for the fact that I could dress up by wearing this beautiful chic maxi dress by AnnaBorgia. As you might remember, I sincerely love her designs and this is the ultimate minimalist girl’s dream dress (remember this article where I wear this Stella Dress in white). This gown is inspired by the sustainable fashion designer Stella McCartney with the clean column silhouette. I love how the high-neckline of the halter dress is offset by four cord tassels, that playfully move when I walk. Even though this dress is perfect to wear to the Opera, this chic maxi dress would also be a very good option for any holiday party or when you have the honour to be a bridesmaid.

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Get the look: Stella dress by AnnaBorgia, Calvin Klein loafers (similar loafers here) and Karl Lagerfeld Clutch.


I really hope you enjoyed this article!

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