Souvenir bag!

Souvenir bag!

Bag at You Paradise RingBag at You Susanne smiling backBag at You Paradise Sitting at the pierBag at You - Watching sunset

I always get that feeling! The same feeling at the end of each holiday. My symptoms are always similar and can be described as being moody and a weird feeling in my stomach. All I want to do is to lock the door, close the curtains and tie myself to the bed so I can stay there forever! Yes, I am infected by paradise!

Bag at You - Drinking WineThese pictures were shot on our last day at Lago Atitlan, in Guatemala. This lake is the deepest one in Central America, surrounded by three volcanoes and truly the most beautiful lagoon I have ever seen. We were so lucky to call this place our home for four days where we were shut down from the rest of the world. All we did was reading books, kayaking, drinking wine and watching the breathtaking sunsets. I never wanted to leave this place..! But obviously, we did! And to hold on to some of these wonderful memories, I bought some souvenirs! As you might know, I love souvenirs (check the post here), especially when it comes to accessories. By wearing these items, I can experience some of these impressive and beautiful things all over again! A bit sentimental, but true! This way I do not entirely have to take leave from wonderland!

What do you think of the ring, the bag and the earrings? The dress that I am wearing is one of my favorites and I have worn it many many times (get a similar one here and here)! However, I think that if you add the right accessories, you can create different looks over and over again with the same piece of clothing without getting monotonous. New accessories cure my infection and make me a more sustainable person as I keep on wearing the same dresses! So yes, I absolutely hate saying goodbye to a holiday destination but it is a damn good excuse to buy more souvenirs!

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