A pineapple party!


A pineapple party!

This is something very different from what you have seen before on this blog..! Something related to beauty, something fun. The truth is, I’m not a beauty queen or the type that spends an hour on her make-up every day. I do however cherish my nails. My fingers have to look healthy and beautiful at all times. For 1,5 years, the sweetest girl Pebbles did my manicures. Every other two weeks I went to go there to catch up while she coloured my nails. But now that I’m in California I started to do my nails myself again. Via Instagram I found out about Funailz who established a product to make nail art accessible to every one. It looked super cute, fun and easy, so I decided to give it a try.


I absolutely love the tropical pineapple print, but they also have many other prints. It didn’t take me much time or effort to get this super cute fruit party on my nails. As everyone immediately wanted to know how I did this, I decided to share this ‘beauty-secret’ online. The Funailz came in a little package with 4 different wrap papers with 18 long nail wraps, transparant nail polish, a cuticle stick and a file. And in only 6 easy steps you will get yourself some nail art:

  1. Make sure that you clean your nails and nail base (you can use the cuticle stick that comes with the package). Apply the nail polish and allow it to completely dry.
  2. Warm the wraps by using a glass of hot water for 20 seconds.
  3. Select the wrap that is the most suitable size for your nail and apply gently.
  4. Stretch the wrap gently and smooth it from the base on the nail outwards.
  5. File the excess sticker in a gentle downward motion.
  6. Apply the nail polish for maximum protection.

…Repeat for your other nails!

That’s it! Easy does it right?!


Picture by Hameeda Blog // Instagram


– Hope you enjoyed this post! Big Xx, Susanne –

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