The Alder Inn in Lake Tahoe


The Alder Inn in Lake Tahoe

Grab your bag and go to the Alder Inn Tahoe!


I never felt more welcome in a hotel than here at the Alder Inn, a small boutique hotel in South Lake Tahoe. After the drive from San Francisco and spending our first day at the lake, we were happy to arrive here in the late afternoon. The sun was shining and the entire hotel was surrounded by big green trees. We immediately felt very welcome because of the hospitality of the owner as well as the quiet, relaxed and homy atmosphere at this inn. After we checked in and entered our lovely bear-themed room, we couldn’t wait to quickly put on our bathing suits to jump into the pool and hot tub. Subsequent our chillings on the sun beds, we played ping pong. After a quick shower we walked to the lake, which was only 200 m down the road. I really loved this hotel because of its homy and relaxed vibes, perfect for an adventurous weekend at Lake Tahoe. I therefore also very much liked our room that was decorated with bears and cute quotes. I noted that each room has a different theme so you can choose whichever room you like most. The owners are a young couple that thought about each and every detail to make our stay comfortable, relaxing and fun. The amenities therefore also include the free use of bikes and BBQ’s and each room provide for wine glasses, coffee facilities and a little fridge and microwave. Thank you so much for the wonderful stay Laura and Michael; we sincerely can’t wait to come back again, both in summer and winter!

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