Fashion Backpack


Fashion Backpack

Bag-at-You---Fashion-Blog---Stylish-Feminine-Backpack-Karl-LagerfeldBag-at-You---Fashion-Blog---Backpack-Karl-Lagerfeld---Function-meets-styleBag-at-You---Fashion-Blog---This-backpack-can-go-behind-my-backBag-at-You---Fashion-Blog---New-Perfect-Backpack---Karl-LagerfeldSince the backpack has come into the world it has been hard to conceive a time before this popular bag. Backpacks are practical, functional, easy to carry and you can simply fill it up. As you carry this bag with two straps on your back I would say that it is the kindest bag to your body if you have to carry heavy loads. For these reasons this bag has always been used by hikers, soldiers as well as by students. As most people, I have always had backpacks in my bag collection. And although I loved wearing it because of its convenience, I often found it hard to combine a backpack as they were sporty and casual which didn’t always match my style and outfit. Until now!

Today the fashion backpack is the coolest accessory to be seen with on the streets. This bag is totally in style and turned into a high-fashion accessory. Before “rucksacks” were mostly done in canvas, soft nylon or polyester but today we see many fashionable leather backpacks. As the one I am carrying, the perfect black backpack by Karl Lagerfeld, combined with my NIKKIE Skirt & Top. This quilted leather backpack is still super functional & keeps up the classic, chic and feminine look of this outfit. And now that this bag is finished with silver hardware, I could wear this fashion backpack day & night! Yes, you can totally go behind my back!


– Pictures by Michiel Goudswaard – 

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