We are having a BABY BOY!


We are having a BABY BOY!

Whoaaa: we are having a baby boy! After the pregnancy announcement and the first bump date blog articles, I couldn’t be more excited than telling you that we are expecting a son in September. We are over the blues about it as there are just so many great things about having a baby boy! Before I continue, I admit that we would have been equally happy with a baby girl, as long as the baby is healthy. But now that we know, I would love to share my excitement about becoming a boy-mom!


Great things about having a baby boy ♥

First of all, I will be having a mini version of my husband and I will have two men that I love more than anything in this world. My husband is so proud of him getting a son and I can’t blame him; they will have their own secret world and they can go twinning. Moreover, baby boy’s clothing is so cute. We already bought our first outfit, and it involves a bow tie and vest – can’t wait to show you! All other boy’s outfits can be finished with tiny cardigans, striped shirts, hats and suspenders. And I can’t wait to see him wearing a mini tuxedo for Christmas when he is only 3,5 months old! Another reason why I love having a baby boy is that they love their mamas and I will enjoy every second of that extra adoration! Boys generally have a lot of energy and I already see myself as the cool mom, playing football, baseball and all other sports. Last but not least, it appears that boys are easier to raise as they have less attitude problems and less complicated. So yes, we can’t wait for our son to arrive in 22,5 weeks! And neither can his aunties that were at our apartment last week for the gender reveal party..! This boy will be so loved ♥


As always, thank you for reading! Xx Susanne  

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