The biggest little news ❤️

The biggest little news ❤️

There is the biggest little news that I want to share with you! The tiniest miracle that makes me the happiest girl in the world..! Yessss, there is a BABY Bavinck on the way! A little love baby that is half him & half me. Yes, I’m pregnant ❤️ I have goosebumps all over again while I write this article as it is the most special story I’ve ever shared. I have to admit, the pregnancy hormons are treating me very well as I have never felt better. Today I’m 15 weeks pregnant and we are expecting our little boy or girl in the beginning of September! Nothing but pure joy and excitement about this new chapter in our life. At first I didn’t believe it; especially because I didn’t feel sick or nauseous nor were there any other signs. But then, when we saw our little baby on the ultrasound and listened to the heartbeat, everything became real! I’m becoming a mother and I feel like the luckiest girl alive to welcome our baby into this world that I can raise and love together with my husband ❤️ My clothes are rapidly shrinking though and as it’s my first time being pregnant, I’m completely clueless. So to all the experienced mommies out there, I’m all ears for pregnancy tips! I’ll be sure to share more in the days and weeks ahead and thank you for following along!


About my look

I truly feel like I carry a little miracle and feel better than ever. That is why I wear this super festive and sparkling skirt. I wanted to wear something white as I don’t know yet whether its a boy or a girl and this blouse was therefore the perfect choice. My Michael Kors heels have been my favorite shoes since I bought them in Charleston as well as this bag, which is the second Celina Martin bag that I own. The design is very unique and romantic, especially this rose collection. I love it as it is a wrist bag, so you will have your hands free. Ideal for this mommy-to-be!


Photography by Marinke Davelaar / @Marinke_photography

BAG_AT_YOU_Susanne_Bavinck_Bender_Blogger_Fashion_Amsterdam_By_Marinke_Davelaar-1324BAG-AT-YOU_Susanne_Bavinck_Bender_Blogger_Mom-Fashion_Amsterdam_By_Marinke_DavelaarBag-at-you---Blogger---Pregnancy-fashion---Marinke-Davelaar-Photography Bag-at-you---Blogger---Pregnancy-Announcement---Marinke-Davelaar-Fotografie Bag-at-you---Blogger---mommy-to-be---Marinke-Davelaar-Photography Bag-at-you---Blogger---Fashion---Marinke-Davelaar-FotografieBag-at-you---Blogger---Pregnant---Marinke-Davelaar-FotografieBag-at-you---Blogger---Pregnant-style---Marinke-Davelaar-FotografieBag-at-you---Blogger---pregnancy-photoshoot-Amsterdam---Marinke-DavelaarBag-at-you---Blogger---Style---Marinke-Davelaar-FotografieBag-at-you---Blogger---Pregnancy-style---Marinke-Davelaar-FotografieBag-at-you---Blogger---Pregnancy-style---Marinke-Davelaar-Photography

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