The bag of… Mrs. Anchelon


The bag of… Mrs. Anchelon

Inspired by her grandmother, Eva desired to share her passions in life, especially about Amsterdam, travel, health, interior and fashion, and she therefore launched her lifestyle blog Mrs. Anchelon. Eva is openminded, a go getter, entrepreneurial, speaks without equivocation, has great taste and is a lot of fun. And besides her successful blog she will soon start her own Bed & Breakfast at the Weteringschans. Yes, she knows what people want and that might be the reason why I am so fond of her. So to start the first week of August well, I met for a coffee with Eva and asked her all about her new bag…


So tell us Eva, you and your bag, what’s the story?

Well to be honest, I get bored with my own accessories quite soon so I figured that it was time for a new handbag. I already have had some beautiful designer bags in my collection and once I decide I will not use it anymore, I sell it so the bag gets a new life. When I went buying this bag, I first glimpsed at Chanel. But then I walked by the Louis Vuitton store on the P.C. Hooftstraat and I noticed this charming Alma BB. My intuition told me to ask for a dark blue version but the kindest saleswoman was determined to show me this color called fuchsia. You understand, it was love at first side. When I got home I found the sweetest note saying “Eva, I wish you all the best with your beautiful new bag – Zoulikha”.


And what can we find in your bag?

Haha, although it is a small bag there is plenty of room for my essentials. You will find my phone, YSL lipstick, Louis Vuitton wallet, coloured pencils of my daughter, someone’s business card, a shoe that belongs to a barbie (very handy…), keys, timetable of the gym and a ticket of ZARA home.

Which bag is essential for you?

Definitely my Louis Vuitton NeverFull Bag! I use it for everything, when I go to the beach, grocery shopping, etc. This bag is seriously indestructible. I now have it for seven years and the leather straps only become more beautiful by using it. So yes, definitely this big shopper.


Who is your favourite designer?

I don’t have really one favourite label. If you do it well you can wear a shirt by Primark with the same flair as a shirt by Missoni. However, buying something from Primark doesn’t feel right to me as the prices are so low that it just doesn’t make any sense. I love investing in items that will last a long time like my Burberry coat or my Gucci bag. Even when this handbag was totally damaged after a fight with a taxi driver (true, but long story!), the Gucci store took it back and knew how to repair it. So yes, there is a price-tag but it sure pays off.


You have the cutest little girl named Issabel. Do you two wear typical mother-daughter combi’s?

Well, we do it sometimes but I make sure we don’t overdo it. Like these shoes, Issabel has the same and whenever I wear them, she wants to wear hers as well. Doing it like that is kind of cute. But you will never see me wearing the same dress as she wears.


Do you prefer offline or online shopping? 

Offline. I like to feel the fabrics and to see the pieces of clothing. However, whenever I go into town I make sure I am really early and have left once it gets busy.

What is your favourite hotspot in Amsterdam?

Haha, that remains a secret! But what I can say is that I love bringing my daughter to the garden of the Rijksmuseum. I also really like to go to Artis and have a bite at the Plantage afterwards.


Do you want to reveal your favourite travel destination? 

My parents used to have a house in the South of France and I just love being there. Whenever I smell the air, I feel inner peace – it’s very special. We also go a lot to Koh Samet, Thailand. Although it is not the most beautiful island of all, it is absolutely perfect for my family as we always visit the same hotel with the same group of guests.


Thank you so much Eva for telling us all about your favourite bag! If you want to know more, please visit

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